Cyber Defense for Critical Assets

Securing critical assets is what Vericlave does, regardless of your industry. We understand the specific challenges that your organization faces and have the expertise to add prevention to your cybersecurity plan.

The Cybersecurity Solution for Critical Infrastructure Systems

The cybersecurity challenges of critical infrastructure grow in number and sophistication by the day. Cyberattacks are often catastrophic for businesses, but in industries like municipal services or defense, a breach can put millions of people outside the organization at risk. 

Vericlave’s cyber defense solution seamlessly prevents cyberattacks for high-impact networks and infrastructures with distributed systems and limited issue-remediation capabilities, such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.


“The Vericlave solution offers the highest level of security available on the market and is a good fit within our management systems.”

Ahsan Khan, CTO at ThinkOn

“[We] selected Vericlave because it not only offers the highest level of confidence in secure authentication and transmission in the market, but also provides simple and secure integration with management tools, including [our] resource monitoring and orchestration systems. With their secure storage and services alignment activities, ThinkOn is planning for rapid growth and expansion to new markets, including government services and medical imaging and archiving services – where security is paramount.”

Craig McLellan, Founder and CEO of ThinkOn

“It is my pleasure to recognize the Vericlave Enclave Cyber Defense Solution, an innovative solution that earned Vericlave the 2019 IoT Evolution Smart City Innovation Award. I look forward to seeing more innovation from Vericlave in the future.”

Rich Tehrani, CEO at TMC

Customers across many industries rely on the Vericlave advantage to secure their critical assets by preventing cyberattacks 24/7.



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