Rigstar Industrial Telecom (Rigstar) is pleased to announce its partnership with Texas-based entegra technologies inc. (entegra), a cybersecurity technology company, to deliver the EntegraBLU cybersecurity service.

EntegraBLU offers unparalleled cybersecurity protection, defending industrial control systems from increasing cyber threats. This highly scalable solution protects critical public and private infrastructures from an array of cyberattacks with technology developed and deployed throughout the national intelligence agencies. Now available to the commercial markets, EntegraBLU provides the capability of adding a transparent layer of security to enhance any defense-in-depth defense strategy, improving their overall security posture.

The combination of Rigstar’s high-availability network to remote locations and EntegraBLU’s best-of-class security ensures clients that sensitive operational or financial data is never dropped, lost, stolen or modified. EntegraBLU allows Rigstar to offer the highest available protection for its clients’ communications, ensuring integrity, authenticity and confidentiality. Security-conscious clients can be assured that their communications are protected from even the latest attack methods that are able to penetrate traditional communications security measures. Enhancing its solutions with EntegraBLU boosts Rigstar’s position as a preferred vendor for remote communications throughout the energy sector, as well as its growing presence in other verticals.

“Rigstar is building upon its track record of deploying secure networks by partnering with EntegraBLU to further strengthen the level of security we can offer to clients. Advanced cyber threats are emerging daily and have the ability to breach industry standard security tools such as VPNs,” said Brent Grisdale, Executive Vice President of Business Development. “Clients are increasingly aware of the changing landscape and understand the need for secure communications and networks. We dramatically enhance our support offerings with EntegraBLU Trusted Enclaves™.”

“We are excited to partner with Rigstar to add another powerful security weapon to its market leading solutions for the industrial community. We believe Rigstar is a truly innovative solution provider and we look forward to being an integral part of its U.S. market expansion,” said Nancy Shemwell, CEO for entegra.

“Security is top-of-mind for many of our customers, and we are excited to be partnered to provide EntegraBLU,” said Rick Sperandio, President of Rigstar Industrial Telecom, USA.

About Rigstar Industrial Telecom

Rigstar Industrial Telecom (“Rigstar”), is a privately held entity that delivers full life cycle communication services to organizations with expansive and remote network requirements. Rigstar has been installing and delivering Telecom services for close to 20 years. Rigstar opened a business unit in early 2017 to deliver the same variety and level of service to their customers in the USA. For more information, visit https://www.rigstar.ca or https://www.rigstar.us.

About entegra technologies, inc.

entegra technologies inc. is a cyber security technology and managed services company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. With a focus on defending industrial control systems from increasing cyber attacks, EntegraBLU™ is an unparalleled cybersecurity solution, proven and evolved in the intelligence community environment – having been deployed to protect 100’s of thousands of network elements. This highly scalable solution is now ready to be deployed to protect critical public and private infrastructures from a broad array of increasingly destructive and costly cyber-attacks. For more information, visit https://www.entegrablu.com/.