ThinkOn, a wholesale infrastructure-as-a-service provider in Toronto, Canada, today announced that they are defending management connections to remote equipment with Vericlave’s technology for high security tunnels. The management connections are used within ThinkOn’s flexible, robust and sovereign infrastructure to monitor and maintain physical machine health and are completely separated from the data plane.

ThinkOn and its group of more than 100 reseller partners enable customers to leverage cloud-based technology to securely maximize compute, network and storage resources. The company selected Vericlave to add secure remote management with the highest confidence of network isolation and containment.

ThinkOn is experiencing tremendous growth in Canadian Infrastructure for data archiving, data protection and disaster recovery solutions. Towards this, the company is focusing on efforts to ensure data sovereignty and security that are extremely important for its Canadian resellers and customers.

Craig McLellan, founder and CEO of ThinkOn, said the company selected Vericlave because it not only offers the highest level of confidence in secure authentication and transmission in the market, but also provides simple and secure integration with management tools, including the company’s resource monitoring and orchestration systems. With their secure storage and services alignment activities, ThinkOn is planning for rapid growth and expansion to new markets, including government services and medical imaging and archiving services – where security is paramount.

“The Vericlave solution offers the highest level of security available on the market and is a good fit within our management systems,” says Ahsan Khan, CTO at ThinkOn. He adds, “this initiative ensures that our Canadian deployed management plane effectively isolates and contains management traffic from all other networks – and on top of it, assures our customers that we respect their data sovereignty concerns while at the same time delivering maximum uptime and value for a given installation.”

“Nearly all communication protection solutions require the customer to place trust in something outside of their control, such as a certificate authority. As the public has painfully discovered over the past decade, that trust has been breached a number of times by certificate authorities,” Joel Bagnal, CEO of Vericlave said. “Vericlave is working with ThinkOn to implement a Zero-Trust model of security, rendering the secured enclaves virtually invisible to external entities.”

The key benefits include stealthy end-to-end encryption that provides the highest level of assurance in data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The Vericlave solution is immune to man-in-the-middle attacks which remain a vulnerability of conventional VPN’s. Finally, while the offerings of many competitors require you to place trust in something outside your control, like a certificate authority, Vericlave, on the other hand is a completely self-contained cyber security solution without those vulnerabilities.

About ThinkOn

ThinkOn is Canada’s first exclusive wholesale integrated virtual data center and storage service provider. It delivers critical data asset protection and helps companies optimize their application infrastructure costs. With deep technical expertise backed by exceptional vendor partnerships, ThinkOn provides a secure, fast and scalable way to host enterprise applications, big data analytics, and disaster recovery solutions.

ThinkOn helps organizations design, deploy and operate the best enterprise applications using any combination of compute, network, and storage resources, managed with a simple user interface and reinforced by world-class operational support. ThinkOn partners include HPe, Hitachi, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, Redhat, Vericlave and Commvault. Visit

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