Cyber Security Solutions

Intruders Can’t Attack What They Can’t See

Total peace of mind. That’s what Vericlave provides to enterprises that need absolute, 100% protection of critical assets. Our mission is to eliminate the things that keep you up at night, and we do it by making your network invisible to threats and attacks.

Award-winning laptop, desktop, and server protection for enterprises. By applying zero trust principles WITHIN endpoints, AppGuard delivers better protection and lowers cyber operation costs.

Our products are proudly presented as part of the alliance between Vericlave™ and Blue Ridge® Networks.


Twenty years of protection with zero data breaches. That’s BorderGuard 15’s legacy of protecting high-value target organizations on a global scale. Reliability, protection and high availability are what you get with BorderGuard 15 from Vericlave.

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RemoteLink 15 is an essential component of Vericlave’s solution in how it protects communications conduits and securely segments your network into zones. Just look at how RemoteLink 15 has been in continuous use in some of the most demanding environments for 17 years with no known breaches.

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Concerned about protecting access to valuable enterprise assets in the cloud, data centers or corporate office? Desktops protected by Virtual EdgeGuard are completely isolated from one another, preventing data or malicious code from moving between them.

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Unbreachable Security

Organizations face a never-ending struggle to apply risk-based security controls that provide a defense-in-depth strategy that hides and protects critical assets while maximizing investment and integrating into existing architectures. Vericlave’s solution addresses these issues using a low-cost, hardware-based encryption solution that is rapidly deployable, easily managed, and able to replace or work in conjunction with current platforms while providing outstanding protection from asset enumeration and common vulnerabilities found in other products and solutions.


Hardware-based encryption

Rapid deployment

Define & Protect What Matters Most

Organizations face a continual battle striking an effective balance between applying appropriate levels of operational security to their networks and addressing compliance obligations to minimize exposure to reputational and financial losses. By providing an industry-vetted and time-tested network segmentation and data protection approach, Vericlave’s solution enables granular communication, effective and resilient security, and a broad range of tools to assist companies in their efforts to manage and minimize compliance scope and scale.


Reduced compliance management

Resilient security

Optimized Network Functionality

The creation, extension, or controlled use of LAN and WAN networking is a critical concern for most companies. These operations are often expensive, overly complex, and difficult to manage, integrate and secure. Vericlave’s solution enables rapid, creatively constructed networking fabric using pre-provisioned, highly secure intelligence-grade encryption that easily functions alone or in conjunction with other technologies to provide a controlled, granular level of layered communications across any form of transmission media.

Intelligence-grade encryption

Quick, non-disruptive launch

Granular level control

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