Intruders Can’t Attack What They Can’t See

The Vericlave Armored Cloaked Network Solution delivers a layer of data protection so powerful that intruders can’t see your network, much less attack it. We prevent external network breaches with a solution that is easy to deploy and simple to manage.

The Best Defense Can’t Be Seen

“Vericlave delivers technology to Schneider that is unique and sorely needed in the industrial controls space to secure, hide, and protect mission critical infrastructure.”

Glen Bounds, Global Director of Cybersecurity Services at Schneider Electric

Why is Vericlave the best defense solution?


Vericlave provides better security than other network extension and segmentation solutions by creating cloaked tunnels and secure enclaves. Not only is the network segmented and hidden, but so are the tunnels and the data within them.

Layer 2 Protection

The vast majority of network attacks occur in Layers 3 through 7 of the OSI model. By encrypting all frames at Layer 2, those attacks are rendered impotent.

How It Works

Our Core Technology

Zero-Trust Stealth Design

Attack Prevention

Our Zero-Trust Stealth solution drastically reduces the attack surface of a network by facilitating secure communications among trusted nodes. The technology acts as a cloaking mechanism that prevents reconnaissance of protected enclaves, rendering IP addresses undiscoverable from network scans and thwarting potential threats by only responding to assigned enclave devices.

  • Blocks vulnerability scanning activities
  • Independent of X.509 public key infrastructure
  • Not affected by certificate authorities


Data Isolation

Our Enclave system architecture safeguards critical assets and network infrastructure by allowing risk based data or network isolation and preventing malicious activity on the inside getting out or on the outside getting in. Enclaves are autonomous, secure networks or network segments that are cryptographically separated. They force all communications through carefully-defined paths that are tightly controlled and easily managed.

  • Operates at Layer 2 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Network stack
  • Works with 802.3 compatible protocols
  • Easily integrated into existing network infrastructures or Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs)

The Building Blocks of Cyber Defense

Our Products


Zero data breaches in more than 20 years — that’s the kind of protection and security Border Guard 15 provides to high-value organizations on a global scale.

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An essential component in protecting communications conduits and segmenting networks into secure zones. In the most demanding environments, RemoteLink15 has experienced no known breaches since launch.

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Desktops protected by Virtual EdgeGuard are completely isolated from one another, preventing data or malicious code from moving between them.

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Our products are developed in conjunction with our partner Blue Ridge® Networks.



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