As the need for enterprise virtual private network (VPN) solutions has grown, so have the potential risks. Attackers are more creative and with such complexity in the solutions themselves, there are many opportunities for flaws to be exploited. In 2019 alone, many VPN vulnerabilities have been exposed. The affected VPNs were either software-based, integrated into other hardware platforms, or relied on public or enterprise certificate authorities.1 These solutions are complicated and rely on software patches released by companies who are not always forthcoming about the flaws2 and IT personnel do not always have the time to implement every patch as soon as it is released. Companies around the world remain exposed as attacks become more creative and new weaknesses are exploited.

As the wave of VPN vulnerabilities continues to grow, companies must employ solutions that get ahead of attackers and eliminate flaws that create risk. It is time for a paradigm shift to proactive defense instead of reactive solutions. As more flaws have been exposed in 2019, it is clear that software-based and integrated VPN solutions are becoming less and less tenable. Businesses seeking a clear-cut, Fire & Forget solution that is simple to implement and eliminates virtually all breach risk will be looking to dedicated hardware based solutions with no public handshake.

A dedicated hardware appliance like Vericlave’s secures the data plane via a single device with secured control and management planes. The hardware fully contains the encryption keys before it is deployed and is tamper-evident or tamper-proof. The entire management plane is autonomous and self-contained.

Instead of dozens of deployment steps, endless patching, increased staff, and network downtime, Vericlave moves your security away from the endless cycle of praying you receive and apply the next security patch before the inevitable vulnerabilities make it out into the wild. Instead, purpose-built Layer 2 encryptors come with completely built-in capabilities that are simple to deploy and manage.

Vericlave prevents attacks by concealing your network, reducing its attack surface, and protecting critical assets. To learn more about how Vericlave can secure your network, check out our Vericlave Overview whitepaper.


1For Instance: and

2See for instance the section titled “The Story” in this analysis that a silent fix was implemented without disclosing the vulnerability, leaving many users at risk of breaches, and Uber was breached by the security researcher.