Preventing Cyber Attacks, Seamlessly

Vericlave, powered by Blue Ridge® Networks, delivers a layer of data protection so powerful that intruders can’t see your network, much less attack it. We prevent external network breaches with a solution that is simple to implement and easy to deploy. Even the most complex systems can be up and running in minutes — with no augmentation of your existing system structure.

Stealth is What Vericlave is All About

Protecting critical assets by cyber attack prevention defines the very essence of Vericlave’s intrusion prevention system. Vericlave customers know their critical assets are safe thanks to our simple and proven solution that isolates and contains data in a secure, encrypted enclave. Our solution is highly adaptive and custom designed to meet the specific risk profile and operational requirements of each customer.

Vericlave’s hardware root of trust, stealth software, encryption and autonomous key management solution mutually authenticates users at the very edge of the network delivering protection for critical networks and creating enclaves where none exist.

Customers truly appreciate a secure environment, located inside their own network, with a layer of stealth that hides their network from unauthorized or unwelcome users.

Reduces vulnerability

A root of trust is a common methodology used in cybersecurity encryption that creates a trusted ID or key. Vericlave chose the Hardware Root of Trust because it significantly reduces vulnerabilities and eliminates typical masquerading techniques associated with software-defined roots of trust.

Enclaves prevent attacks

Vericlave only responds to assigned enclaved devices and will block reconnaissance or vulnerability scanning activities outside the enclave. This drastically reduces the attack surface and management plane of your network by only allowing encrypted and authenticated communications among trusted nodes. It’s also independent of the badly broken X.509 public key infrastructure, and not susceptible to vulnerabilities due to compromised certificate authorities (CA’s).

Proprietary public key

Vericlave’s proprietary mutual public-key authentication solution provides a risk management approach to key identification and exchanges, while ensuring messages are NOT “sent in the clear” during session initiation. This prevents unauthorized access and ensures encrypted sessions are both secure and invisible.

Seamlessly isolates all critical data

Vericlave creates a cryptographic, identity-defined fabric overlay — or enclave — that is transparent on any existing network infrastructure supporting 802.3 compatible protocols. By seamlessly integrating existing cybersecurity solutions, Vericlave isolates and contains all critical data, and supports Defense in Depth methodology. Our enclaves become autonomous and secure networks/network segments as well as an integration platform on which other security mechanisms like network security monitoring can be applied.

Secures data from the first packet

Standards-based cryptography is used within Vericlave algorithms for symmetric and asymmetric encryption, authentication, integrity checking, and random number generation. What makes Vericlave solutions unique is that all communications, from the very first packet, are encrypted.