Why Vericlave?

We Prevent Cyberattacks, Seamlessly

Vericlave provides enterprises with unparalleled network protection of critical assets from external threats. Vericlave prevents cyberattacks on critical assets with a low impact cyber defense solution that allows you to define and protect what matters most. 

is Prevention

“Vericlave secures the integrity of our customers’ data and operations across multiple sites, while reducing systems complexity and maximizing compliance, profitability, and overall business performance.”

Gary Williams, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Services at Schneider Electric

One attack could be disastrous.

With more than money at stake, the viability of your organization depends on the security of your network. You cannot entrust your cybersecurity to reactionary approaches that focus on detection, response, and mitigation.

You need prevention.

With a unique integration of root of trust combined with software, encryption and key management algorithms, our cyber defense solution creates secure and concealed enclaves for any network architecture.

The Vericlave Advantage

Our mission is to keep threats OUTSIDE of your network, through prevention and concealment, while empowering you to conduct business confidently.

Stop reacting to intruders.

Cloak your critical assets to prevent intrusion.

Vericlave’s cyber defense solution supports a wide range of architectures and technologies by overlaying its “zero-trust stealth” technology, both at the network perimeter and within existing infrastructures, to verify identity, authorize access, and conceal the protected systems from unintended access or unauthorized extraction.

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